I’m Ryan and I make fanedits of movies and covers for those fanedits/movies, mostly Criterion-style.

I’ll try to update by blog frequently, which is meant to show my reviews for movies and shows, show my progress for some edits, and share my cover work.

Here’s some of my cover work:

see more at My Covers.

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Andreas’ Harry Potter Revisited Covers – Fake Criterion

I have no excuse, I never update this blog… I hope I can grow an audience expanding from the Fanedit Forums on and develop my own site and blog, here on WordPress. Earlier this month I worked some covers for Andreas’ Harry Potter Revisited fanedits. Here are they in their full glory: I want […]

X-Men Continuity Series

Hi all! Been two months now. I would like to introduce you to a series of edits that will be coming up. These are a series of edits that aims to resolve most of the continuity errors from the X-Men movies. A courageous team has been put together to undergo this task. They are: Me […]


Greetings! My name is Ryan. I love Star Wars, X-Men, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and movies and TV shows in general. This is my blog. This is my first post. My intentions for this blog is to be filled with my fan edits, covers, and other not so random stuff. Best Regards, theryaney.     

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