X-Men Continuity Series

Hi all! Been two months now.

I would like to introduce you to a series of edits that will be coming up. These are a series of edits that aims to resolve most of the continuity errors from the X-Men movies. A courageous team has been put together to undergo this task. They are:

  • Me (theryaney)
  • kidjupiter92
  • Canon Editor
  • addiesin

The main goal is to achieve a new X-Men Universe without sentinels or time travel messing with previous movies but with the original trilogy and The Wolverine included.

Current timeline:

Magneto (by theryaney)
Sentinels (by theryaney)
Awakening (by kidjupiter92)
Phoenix (by Canon Editor)
Rogue (by Canon Editor)
United (by theryaney)
Wartime (by addiesin)
Kuzuri (by kidjupiter92)
Sunseeker (by kidjupiter92)

(Note: Wartime has time travel, but PoAzkaban effect: only changes events of this movie, doesn’t erase other edits/movies)

For more info, check out this thread.

Alright. Happy watching and editing to faneditors and fanedit fans!