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Overview of the Covers

I have no excuse, I never update this blog… I hope I can grow an audience expanding from the Fanedit Forums on and develop my own site and blog, here on WordPress.

Earlier this month I worked some covers for Andreas’ Harry Potter Revisited fanedits. Here are they in their full glory:

I want to know what you guys think and also share with you guys the process of how I make my covers. This post will focus on how I made the front art for these Harry Potter covers.

I use Sketch, a vector graphic design app to make my covers. Unfortunately, it is Mac-only. However, you should be able to make something like it using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Since I’m making a cover for Andreas’ Harry Potter Revisited edits, I went on the web to look for artwork. I stumbled upon these gorgeous drawings by Olly Moss, which were rejected covers for the books, that represented an object that is prominent in the movie/book and also hides the iconic symbol of Harry Potter, the lightning bolt.


I then made vectors of these objects by tracing the original drawing while also simplifying the design. Because they were now vector images, I could add any colour or gradient to them and they were all high-res.

I went with whatever colour I thought fitted the movie, with Sorcerer’s Stone being red and gold-ish, Chamber of Secrets being green, Prisoner of Azkaban being purple-blue, Goblet of Fire being yellow, and Order of the Phoenix red-orange.

After adding in the description, screencaps, credits, studio logos, etc. and that’s it!

Again, I’d like to know what you guys think, comment below or pipe in at my thread in the forum.

That’s all from me, thanks for reading, I’m Ryan a.k.a. theryaney, and have a great day.


X-Men Continuity Series

Hi all! Been two months now.

I would like to introduce you to a series of edits that will be coming up. These are a series of edits that aims to resolve most of the continuity errors from the X-Men movies. A courageous team has been put together to undergo this task. They are:

  • Me (theryaney)
  • kidjupiter92
  • Canon Editor
  • addiesin

The main goal is to achieve a new X-Men Universe without sentinels or time travel messing with previous movies but with the original trilogy and The Wolverine included.

Current timeline:

Magneto (by theryaney)
Sentinels (by theryaney)
Awakening (by kidjupiter92)
Phoenix (by Canon Editor)
Rogue (by Canon Editor)
United (by theryaney)
Wartime (by addiesin)
Kuzuri (by kidjupiter92)
Sunseeker (by kidjupiter92)

(Note: Wartime has time travel, but PoAzkaban effect: only changes events of this movie, doesn’t erase other edits/movies)

For more info, check out this thread.

Alright. Happy watching and editing to faneditors and fanedit fans!




My name is Ryan. I love Star Wars, X-Men, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and movies and TV shows in general. This is my blog. This is my first post. My intentions for this blog is to be filled with my fan edits, covers, and other not so random stuff.

Best Regards, theryaney.

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