The Return of Sherlock

Faneditor Name: theryaney

Tagline: Sherlock has a busy schedule… rise from the dead, stop a terrorist, and give a best man’s speech.

Original Movie Title: Sherlock

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Fanedit Type: TV-to-Movie

Original Release Date: 2014

Original Running Time: 172

Fanedit Release Date: August 2017

Fanedit Running Time: 143

Time Cut: 29

Brief Synopsis:

Inspired by Zarius’ The Little that Remains edit and Rangerkris’ fan edit of the Moriarty arc form season 1 & 2, I have decided to make an edit of the season 3 of my favorite TV show. I feel that this edit focuses on John and Sherlock and how their relationship is repaired, and eventually have an “ongoing” happy ending.


This is a “sequel” of the sort for Season 2. It’s like what if Season 3 was a movie, so my goal was to combine The Empty Hearse and The Sign of Three into a solid movie special.

Special Thanks:

Zarius, TM2YC, ranger613

Editing Details:

iMovie and Final Cut Pro 10.3.3.

Cuts and Additions:

– Added custom “BBC Films” logo/intro

– Trimmed some shots of John and the tube to hide the title card and opening credits

– Cut Mycroft and Sherlock torture/meeting

– Cut Mrs. Hudson being mad at John for not calling her

– Removed Jack the Ripper subplot/investigation

– Cut light flash when John closes his eyes and prepares for the end

– Removed friends reunion and meeting Molly’s boyfriend

– Sherlock explaining to Anderson how he survived bridges the two episodes (removed Jack the Ripper reference and Anderson’s breakdown)

– Cut clown robbers montage and Lestrade coming to Baker Street

– Cut opening credits from Sign of Three

– Cut Sherlock and Janine exchange

– Rearranged and cut some scenes throughout wedding before Sherlock’s speech 

– Trimmed ending dance

– Moved C. A. M. to after credits